The purpose of our ALM Roadmap Workshop is to assess the current maturity of your company with respect to defining, designing, delivering, supporting systems, and developing a blueprint/roadmap for adopting sustainable practices going forward. Sessions are conducted initially to discuss various constraints within your existing environment. This is done in order to fully understand the capabilities and goals of your organization and to discuss how Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server (or Azure DevOps) can help you meet those goals. At the completion of the ALM Workshop, your organization will have a better understanding of the steps you can take to improve your software development, management, configuration, and quality practices. The following provides examples of the workshop sessions with related activities and focus areas.

  • Session 1 – Workshop Kickoff, Review Existing Process and Current State of Environment(s), Discuss Project and Resource Management Challenges

  • Session 2 – Managing Requirements and Change Requests, Reviewing Code Management, QA Practices & Estimation Methods

  • Session 3 – Reviewing Deployment and Release Management Practices, Initiate Roadmap

  • Session 4 – Develop Roadmap and Conduct Follow-up Meetings

  • Session 5 – Presentation of ALM Roadmap and Discuss Recommendations

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