Clients request Agile Coaching from LifeCycle Delivery's Certified Scrum Masters when their teams are experiencing challenges with the efficiency and/or effectiveness of their product-development or service-delivery processes. Our assessment provides guidance in the form of a descriptive process designed to mitigate the client’s issues, along with a specific set of recommendations required to bridge the gap between current and desired states. 

Agile Coaching options include:

  • Jump Start Coaching - Get a team started with Agile/Scrum. 
  • Side-by-Side Coaching - Coaches works alongside teams to mentor.
  • "Just in Time" Coaching - Support planning sessions & retrospectives. 
  • Technical Coaching - Architecture sprints, CI, TDD, DevOps, etc. 
  • Role-based training for Product Owners, QA, Devs, Facilitators, etc.
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